July 7, 2011

National Champs?

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Oregon vs Auburn ended with a field goal and an Oregon Ducks loss. As the dust settles on the game a new storm has arisen in the off season with the allegations that Oregon had recruiting violations. Where the violations at Ohio State were blatant and covered up by there Coach Tressel the ducks have done nothing wrong. Oregon is new to the national spotlight and just not used to the slippery slope that is college recruiting. Colin Cowher of ESPN paraphrased “Oregon is like the husband that goes out of town and has a one night stand and that guy always gets caught as to where the husband that continusly cheats is good at it and gets away with it everytime.” In the end I’m sure the truth will prevail and Oregon will be vindicated.

December 21, 2010

2010 Season Recap

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New Mexico W 72-0
Tennessee W 48-13
Portland State W 69-0
Arizona State W 42-31
Stanford W 52-31
WSU W 43-23
UCLA W 60-13
USC W 53-32
Washington W 53-16
California W 15-13
Arizona W 48-29
Oregon State W 37-20

National Championship

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The Oregon Ducks will meet the Auburn Tigers in Glendale, AZ on Monday January 11, 2011. Making it into the championship with a record of 12-0 the Ducks defense will have there work cut out for them with the Tigers led by Heisman winner Cam Newton at quarterback. But can the “ScOregon Ducks” offense be stopped will no doubt be the real story.

November 19, 2010

I Love My Ducks

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Ducks need 2 more Wins

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10-0 the Ducks need another two wins in order to return to the desert where it last beat ASU in September to play for the National Championship on January 10, 2011. They’ll have to get past Arizona and Oregon State in order to make that happen. With a close call against Cal Bears last week, winning 15-13 the Ducks will no doubt be prepared to take care of business.

September 24, 2010


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With the Sun devils coming off a close loss to Wisconsin last Sataurday they will be seeking a the blood of the Ducks, which is both teams Pac 10 opener. With a 7:30 pm PT start time the Ducks should not have to worry about the desert heat too much and look for their high power offense to turn up the heat on the Devils.

WHO is the best and strongest mascot in the PAC 10

October 18, 2008

Oregon goes 2-2

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With loses to USC and Boise State the Ducks blow out the Wahington State Cougars and most recently a 10 point win over UCLA Bruins the Ducks move into the bye week with a 5-2 record. Next up is the ASU Sun Devils who is coming off 4 straight losses. Projected to be by almost everyone to finish second in the Pac-10 you know have to wonder whether their coach Dennis Erickson is on the hot seat. Come October 25th the Ducks would like to personally hand him a pink slip with an embarrassing loss it could be possible.

September 18, 2008

Purdue goes Down As does Roper

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It was not looking good early for the Ducks when the running back for Purdue on the second play from scrimmage ran for an 80+ yard touchdown. Momentum shifted to the Ducks in the late second quarter when they were already down 20-3. Then ligtning struck with an 87 yard punt return by Jarius Byrd in the third. All tied up with :02 on the clock the Purdue kicker pushed his field goal attempt to send it into overtime. After trading field goals in the first overtime and suffering the loss of Roper due to knee injury the ducks were able to step up in the 2nd overtime. With some great play by the defense to hold Purdue to no points Oregon marched the ball down to the 2 yard line where Blount was able to punch in the winning touchdown.

This week Boise State at Autzen should prove to another exciting game.

August 28, 2008

Oregon Vs Washington at Auzten Stadium

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The Ducks start off the season with a home Pac-10 game against the Huskies and with Jake Locker healthy it will be a good game. Not so good for the Ducks earlier in the week they found out that Nate Costa the starting Qb would be out and learned today that he had partially torn acl along with cartilidge damage. So Roper after the impressive Sun Bowl victory will be leading the Ducks come Sataurday.

August 5, 2008

October 4th

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Host: Andy Jones
Location: The Standard Hotel
550 South Flower at Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071 US
View Map |
When: Saturday, October 4, 11:00AM
Phone: 760-579-3179
Ladies and Gentlemen: It is time to begin preparing for this year’s fall classic! Book your flights and hotel rooms for the big game between the Oregon Ducks and USC Trojans at The Coliseum in downtown Los Angeles. The Pac-10 and ABC went ahead and did us all a favor and decided to televise the game which assures us a 5pm kickoff and an extra long day of partying! Here is the plan, which will be updated regularly as the details become finalized.

We have a double decker bus with an open rooftop picking us up at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles at 12:30pm. On the bus will be cold kegs of beer to ensure that we enter Lot 2 at The Coliseum extra hot! This year the bus will be with us until 9:30pm, so we’re taking it tailgating all day long!

5:00pm is game time. For those of you who went two years ago and are familiar with The Coliseum, USC couldn’t care less about the opposing teams fans and gladly sticks them with the worst seats in the conference. Therefore, take my advice and Scalp, Scalp, Scalp! Plenty of people are selling tickets the day of.

Following the game the bus will be dropping us back off at The Standard for Round 2. Go to your room, shower, change, etc. and meet us at the rooftop bar which is pictured above.

Now is the time to book your hotel room! The Standard Hotel - Downtown…When you book your room you get two automatic wrist bands to the rooftop bar. This is key because this place is a local landmark and the capacity is 250.

FYI: The total estimated cost for the bus, booze, and parking lot pass will be approximately $45 per person. Maximum capacity on the bus is 71 persons, therefore please reply to this evite asap to ensure your spot on the bus!

Also, I’ve obviously missed a lot of people in this evite so please forward on to as many people as possible!

Don’t be lazy…Pick up the phone, book your room, flight, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!! See you in October.

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